Searching for Alternative

Probably there is no human being in this world, who sometimes does not give consideration on who he really is. Our entire life is lived in constant query, whispering deep inside, seeking to surface, but somehow beyond our ability to hear or grasp. What is life all about? Is it just some cosmic joke, a meaningless excursion of a few years duration in, which we may do exactly what we want…

Temptation of Mediocrity

Is life meaninglessness? That is an impossible question, and being realistic about this, is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. Only we are responsible for what we do with the life we get. Let us strive for our own fairy tale. Believing that, the only solution to all questionable ideologies is the Self-Aware Experience! Illumination, is our only guarantee, revealing life in all its ambivalent unity…

Bicycle Touring is one of the most Earth-friendly ways to travel

The real world has always been at your fingertips, and many are blessed to go and experience it. The only important recommendation is a thirst for adventure, and the strength of mind to convert the desire into actually set off! Though our tour might not be just easy and fun, it wouldn’t be an adventure if it was. There’ll be plenty of challenging times, particularly to find your own pace. And with persistence, after you have done a successful escape from your comfort zone you will discover, that this world is a wonderful and friendly place.

Presentation of Peacetraveler’s journey

A sincere wish is to start the journey – as soon as possible, due to my age (63), and maybe to find some journey companions since nobody likes to travel alone, too long. Therefore, I am turning to the world for blessing, moral support, or assistance, with this humble request! And I hope that I will not perish somewhere in the unaccomplished story. Too soon we’ll be gone! One sooner, one later on a Grand Journey to unknown.

Climbing the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn-this steep pyramid is an obsession for many. Nevertheless it is one of the world’s most impressive mountain. For decades I forgot the Matterhorn, but in my mountaineering period, this great mountain has call me, again. It was time to fulfill my dream and conquer that great wall. In order to climb the Matterhorn via the Hörnli Ridge, you have to be thoroughly prepared. Mistakes are paid expensively…

A Bicycle Built for Two Billion

Jamie Bianchini is coming from USA, and he travels by tandem-bike around the world for 6 years. Greater part of the way he drives a tandem bike and in each country he invite a co-driver or have to find him on the road. I was  a part of Slovenian story in which Peace Pedalling became part of mine. The roads on which we were pedalling together, was a time of sobering transformation for me!

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