Searching and Finding Alternative 

Searching and finding Alternative

The real world for everyone is at your fingertips.
Everything you do today, will be paid with one day of your life, so let it be worth the price.

Gnothi Seauton ∼ Know thyself

Do you feel your Heart, beating inside you? The Unique, Sacred Heart!
And you feel it in the center of all Life. It is the One which beats in everybody else.

So much to do. If only I had time if only I had time. Dream to pursue. If I only had time, they’d be mine.


Probably there is no human being in this world, who sometimes does not give consideration on who he really is. Our entire life is lived in constant query, whispering deep inside, seeking to surface, but somehow beyond our ability to hear or grasp. What is life all about? Is it just some cosmic joke, a meaningless excursion of a few years duration in which we may do exactly what we want? Or is there truly a purpose behind all, that we can know and accept, which gives meaning to all of life? Something we can truly know is accurate?


From the individual point of view is the recognition, that our specialty is only a myth, frightening. Generally, one day everyone will lost everything and perished with the rest. Therefore, the belief in our uniqueness is a reasonable and consoling decision, as it allows us to tolerate this intimidated fact, which gives us the courage and strength for achievements and acquiring. The majority of mankind is choosing a lifestyle, which effectively hides questions about the finitude lying under it. We are accustomed to make our existence meaningful by the belief, that there is something more in life, than just outward appearance. Mostly we are living for a distant future, beyond this reality. By outward appearance our life has no deeper meaning, as it is only an insignificant spark of light in everlasting vastness. If everything that has been created is to end in disintegration, incompleteness and nothingness, it seems a cruel and futile experience for beings that have been borne with the ability to think, feel and … hope?


For every living person death is a state of unimaginable condition of beingness. A similarity to the conditions before the birth? What if the Self disintegrates with the body and the consciousness ceases to exist? No regrets and nothing that could be captured in a frightening judgment of the Gods, since all this quest is just a mind game? Nevertheless, the mystery still remains! Why the hell, the anxiety appears just before the one fatal question? 

*** Alternative – one or more things available as another possibility or choice.

Life is life, when becoming aware of the One

We shall see Heaven and Hell clear in the sky.
We shall see good and evil.
We shall see the Lord of Life and Death.
We shall see the beginning and the end.


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