The Bicycle Traveler Quest … Your Life Unfolds …

A Bicycle traveler’s Quest

If you miss the warmth of life, Bicycle Journey will award you with profound experience,
offering the best way to open your heart and mind.

Out there is the experience of your lifetime

They say that the world looks like a scary place
… until we step out into it.

Thinking adventure might be dangerous? Try routine, it is lethal!

The real world for everyone is at your fingertips.
In the quietest of the moments, a real-life adventure beckons.

Bicycle Touring is one of the most Earth-friendly ways for exploring the world and getting to know yourself. It can not be compared to any other mode of travel. Since bicycle travelers must be actively present all the time. The real-life continuously happens in front of their eyes. With a touring bicycle under his feet, the world is sliding past him in all its diversity. He can choose how his journey unfolds, and that flexibility is the most precious thing for a self-supported bicycle traveler.



Since that period, when the idea of the journey around the world was born, decades have passed. Torn between great expectations and apathy you lived your everyday life in envy, to those who dare to live their dreams. Often, there was a fear in your mind about the greatness of this plan. As a result, most of your thoughts and skills were focused on finding ways and means to realize that goal. Gradually reaching a point of no return, which only the highest force can prevent, from realizing it. And, you were thinking: Is this a common life dream of the ordinary man? What kind of life is that? Being afraid of living your own dreams, while stalking the stories of others.


The early expectation was a part of a New  Age philosophy, that realization of your plans will be inspired and encouraged by some kind of a Deity – but this, unfortunately, never happened. You gave up thinking about saving some part of the World’s Ecosystem, just by traveling with the most ecological transportation. Therefore your effort is, to rise and encourage yourself away, from being just one of average time and space consumers… Perhaps that is a reasonable goal? While following the opinions of others, your mind was pursuing different answers to that impossible question, concerning the meaning of life. What was given to us and what never meant to be. What if it all turned out to be just a mental obsession?

* The Quest – A search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something …


Maintenance of high expectations, that your goal will remain a humble role model to family relatives as well as your friends around the world, who will follow your example. A fair motivation! To stroll and scroll around our beautiful planet with a touring bicycle. To make a visit to certain dream destinations, get to know people and above all, do exactly what was your long-lasting dream. The great allegory of life, as constant change, and the way, that is more important than the goal, is implemented here literally. Every human life is unique and should be very precious. Since it is temporary and indefinite, let’s allow this life, to completely embrace us, as soon as possible!


So, your expectations are only to enjoy the ride as long as there is motivation and then stop, rest, eat, write, meditate, or be invited by the locals. Sometimes you will be lonely and longing for a warm embrace of the people. And every day at dusk, you will lay down to rest, sleep well and with a smile on your face wake up in the new sunlit day, hopefully never in a hurry. And you will spontaneously change your plans for the future. Bicycle Touring can be felt like the closest thing to freedom, that you will ever experience. Finally, a firm belief will emerge: all the time, of the rest of your life, is still available to you in abundance, to carry out the most important thing in human life – not to dream your life, but to live your dream. Your life is more defined now since you have a goal and this goal is your quest!

Do it your way, or find friends to ride with!

Get out of a comfort zone, rather than living at safe distance, ruled by a routine!

Be grateful for the opportunity and courage to travel and experience the world.

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