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A Call to Cooperation

Soon a time will come when all the people of goodwill, become aware of immense spiritual power that lays unused in our hands. That we alone, can change the quality of life. Understanding that peace, compassion and freedom is essential, today more than ever before. With commitment, compassion and care let us confirm that our purpose of life, be identified as a Caretaker of Mother Earth. Join us in cooperation, with like-minded people of goodwill. Help us to create a critical mass for establishing a better world for all.

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In collaboration with group of men and women of goodwill, so much can be done. And we are a diligent group that really cares! The main purpose of the Peace Traveling Association is to raising public awareness about Life beyond our tiny planet, as well preventing harmful interventions in nature environment and urban society. As an integral part of modern society, we have larger problems ahead of us, than ever before!

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Bicycle Touring Companions Wanted

Bicycle Touring is one of the most Earth-friendly ways for travel Think of all the places you have not yet been. Allow your self a dream.The world sounded as a scary place ... until we stepped out into it.If you miss the warmth of life and still have some uncertainty...

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Finding the perfect Touring Bicycle

After years of adjustment MTB and following recommendations of legendary touring cyclists, I too have found the manufacturer that will compile my dream touring bike. For this I traveled over a thousand kilometers away. The closest match for adaptation to my...

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Finding the perfect tent for Bicycle Touring

On Bicycle Touring I was always using one person tent, thinking that with a modest weight and dimensions of the tent, I am solving a limited volume of bike bags. Reading outdoor reviews and asking travelers, most of them is telling the story of their own experience: ” It must be lightweight, pitching easily, stable and durable”. List of tents suitable for Bicycle Traveling is large and searching in middle range pricing, was a challenge.

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Climbing the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn – this word was addiction for me. Many years ago I noticed a picture of this mountain and I fell in love immediately with this huge tower. Nevertheless it is one of the world’s most famous and beautiful mountain. For decades I forgot the Matterhorn, but in my mountaineering period, this great mountain has call me, again. It was time to fulfill my dream and conquer that great wall. But this climb has to be taken seriously.

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The words about dying slowly

Those who do not travel, who do not read, who do not listen to music, who do not find grace in themselves, die slowly. Those who slowly destroy their own self-esteem, who do not allow themselves to be helped, who spend days on end complaining about their bad luck, about the rain that never stops, die slowly.

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Mission Tour the World

The hero has returning home after bicycle touring the world with for more than five years! During this period of time Dejan Glavnik has crossed 90 countries on all five continents. I have been following this brave young man everyday, since the very beginning of his bicycle journey.

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