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U.S. National Parks

Visiting USA 2016 was my first Transatlantic destination. After very long period of routine life, I was finally on the road, again. A dynamic change in my mind was the first inevitable step I was confronted with. In order to get in touch with my Quest on Searching for Alternative Ways, I had to leave my old continent behind and one ocean. I Had to cross few time zones …

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The Bicycle Traveler Quest

Bicycle Touring as one of the most Earth-friendly ways for exploring the world and getting to know yourself. It can not be compared to any other mode of travel. Since bicycle traveler must be actively present all the time, the real-life continuously happens in front of his eyes. With touring bicycle under his feet, the world is sliding past him in all its diversity…

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Bicycle Touring Companion Wanted

Would you like to go on Bicycle journey with like minded friends? Bicycle Touring at your own pace, through distant lands, immersed in the landscapes, listening, absorbing the culture, communicating with friendly locals? There are our fully loaded Touring Bikes, the road and series of encounters and experiences. The real world has always been at your fingertips…

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Finding the perfect Touring Bicycle

With Velotraum experience, I set about assembling the Touring bike at the very beginning – the correct choice of bike frame. The geometry of the frame used is similar to classic road bikes. The Surly LHT frame has plenty of space for all possible attachments for mounting the components. The ergonomic and stability of the fully loaded Surly Long Haul Trucker is perfect…

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Finding the best Tent for Bicycle Touring

Bicycle Traveler who wanders alone, usually possess one-person lightweight tent, due to the small dimensions and limited space in panniers. The advice of travelers is that it must be lightweight, pitching easily, stable and durable. Choosing a small and lightweight tent is a logical choice, but sooner or later, every self-supported traveler finds himself in a position that forces him to stop …

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A Bicycle Built for Two Billion

Jamie Bianchini is coming from USA, and he travels by tandem-bike around the world for 6 years. Greater part of the way he drives a tandem bike and in each country he invite a co-driver or have to find him on the road. I was  a part of Slovenian story in which Peace Pedalling became part of mine. The roads on which we were pedalling together, was a time of sobering transformation for me!

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Presentation of Peacetraveler’s journey

For presentation and support on this project, we are managing several websites. The Peace Traveling website is a sort of our blog (www.peacetraveling.com). The conceptual-environmental page, whose purpose is the Peacetraveler Quest Association (www.peacetraveler.org), and our Digital Artwork Gallery, (www.digitalartwork.org), where you can see and download the Surreal Art of Rubins.

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All that is mine, I carry with me

It is quite challenging even daunting for the ordinary person to leave a place where he lived for so many years, but there is a life challenge in front of you, which can not be ignored, anymore. The call of the world is too seductive. But, beware of testing outdoor equipment, endlessly! Clear in your head, what preparations really need to be done? Otherwise getting ready to go, can go on and on for years.

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