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Presentation of Peace Traveler’s journey
When I was ten years old, I drew a map of the tour around the world, which I still possess. Wanted to see if the Earth is round. But, life has led me on quite a different path as I ever imagine. I was following the path of an ordinary man. Being just one of the nameless people in the endless crowd… A job, a family, preoccupation with numberless trifles, was the everyday routine. Building a house, planting trees, providing, and learning. Certainly, it was not a time wasted! Decades of being surrounded by children awarded me with a warm heart. Despite, of doing so many things, my inner quest continued to call me, and never disappear. When talking with travelers occasionally, they all had bright sunny faces, which reminded me of my childhood dreams. Time passes so quickly and my four children were grown up. Finally, time for taking care of my long lasting dreams has come. I started to take short tours around my small country, to expand my comfort zone. All the time with thoughts on the Grand TourTo see unknown landscapes, and to know the world. Hanging out with people on the way, our conversations always lead to a abused themes like “peace and love”. My intention on the road is to learn about our Mother-Father Earth and spread a better insight and awareness on environment. I do not want to stay introverted dreamer, waiting for the world to change, but rather be an open-minded adventurer, who wants to be there, where things happen and wants to be a part of this spectacular life game! The year 2000 was beginning of a dawn of  Art of Peacetraveling. In accordance with this quest, I want to start my final journey.
Estimated Plan – part I. Tour the Slovenia – “Expanding of personal comfort zone” Bled to Dubrovnik – Tour the Balkans
Estimated Plan – part II. Slovenia-Swiss-Spain-Santiago de Compostela – “Fin del Mundo”
Estimated Plan – part III. Scandinavia-England-Iceland-Canada-US-Bolivia-Patagonia-Polynesia-New Zealand-Australia-Tasmania-Fiji-Thailand-Himalaya Karakoram-Turkey-Balkans.
This plan can be changed regarding the current situation in the world. Length of trip is not limited in time.

My custom made touring bike is Surly LHT and I am buying all the necessary equipment for years. I am a modest man but regarding the choice of equipment, I did’ t allow any compromises. I can not afford any defects that would stop me on the way over and over again. Consequently, this Journey is not cheap!

For presentation purposes and support on this project, we are managing several websites. The Peace Traveling website is a sort of our blog The conceptual ECO-environmental page, whose purpose is the Peace Traveler Quest Association  ( and our Digital Artwork Gallery ( where you can see and download the Surreal Art of Leonard Rubins.

The Journey ...

A sincere wish is to start the journey – as soon as possible, due to my age (64), and maybe to find some journey companions since nobody likes to travel alone, too long. Therefore, I am turning to the world for blessing, moral support, or assistance, with this humble request!  And I hope that I will not perish somewhere in the unaccomplished story. Too soon we’ll be gone! One sooner, one later on a Grand Journey to unknown.

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You can help the Peace traveler Quest by becoming Sponsors!
Every Contribution or Donation is Rewarded!




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