Rubins Leonard

Rubins Leonard


Rubins is a creative person with very specific expressions. The results of his creation are the imaginary, fantasy scenographies and compositions of great power and expressiveness. Rubins seeks inspiration beyond the boundaries of ordinary perception by combining Cosmic and Earthly levels. Building upon the experience of Surrealism and Fantasy Art, as an artist, he attempts to generate images digitally, out of fragments that are reflected through unconscious and sublime visions. His works fall into the category of the supreme value of Surrealism and Esoteric Arts, such as Abdul Mother Klarwein, Robert Venosa, and Ernst Fuchs. In his long-lasting career, he participated in many exhibitions. (Dejan Đorić)

Rubins first series of artworks, reaches far back in time, existing only as a blurred memory.  A childhood spends in a utopian system of the Slavic communist regime. Latently isolated from the possibility of a mind-expansion process, he lived each day, as it offered by itself and thus wasting much of his time. Slavic communist regime was bloody red and the West was a kind of rainbow to him. The numbed comfortably of life, on the western borders, was a continuous risk, insecurity, and tension. Eventually, through self-cultivation, he discovered one of his first liberation, a strong affection for the worlds on “the other side”, beyond the boundaries of known and safe.

The source of imagination was started to pour in from a new world order, which was gradually rising. Despite his creative enthusiasm, he has suffered – as a featured individualist in collective, mass hysteria values. He was incomprehensible – as a utopian, nurturing thoughts on different horizons, not yet discovered. He was melancholic and depressed – with the idea of otherness marked on his forehead. Living in the isolation for many years, he has been experiencing all the triviality of that time period, directly and forcefully. There was constant pressure to decide between love and hatred, desire and envy.

The ambitions of the Slavic Communist regimes eventually began to collapse and fall into fragments. Through the all-prevailing chaos of values and nonsense of everything, that has been done and believed in, the ideologies and their leaders once again amended to sweet&bitter memories. Only partially ideologically renewed, the masses took refuge at the nearest solution, whose offer was illusory in the prosaic content of new security. The nation found their shelter among them, who they despised in the past, so conceitedly. There wasn’t much left, but Utopianism to which, Rubins as the artist has been entirety faithful, until today.

Through Peacetraveling Quest Association, he is gradually constructing his courageous quest.  

Rubins artworks show the joy, sadness, and hope of a transient man in a world full of potentials. He is aware that, to be born and live (and die) is our ultimate quest! The unique quest, happening to all of us, equally. And thank goodness, that it happens! Though feeling endless gratitude, considers recurring everydayness as only a rough sketch for something more intense and vast in the oncoming future. Wishing to be at the right place, when the world quietly attains his rebirth!

It doesn’t really matter how old I am and from where is my origin. I know that I’m still young enough to hope and dream, and old enough to expect the fulfillment of my heart desires. My Alter Ego is a sort of worldwide touring cyclist nomad, who lives his humble, unique story. All the places, the journey may take me, help me to realize my origin. The Star-Borne… This is who I truly am.
Going to take a deep breath, break free from my comfort zone and start the journey, someday…somehow!

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