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Probably there is no human being in this world, who sometimes does not give consideration on who he really is. Our entire life is lived in constant query, whispering deep inside, seeking to surface, but somehow beyond our ability to hear or grasp. What is life all about? Is it just some cosmic joke, a meaningless excursion of a few years duration in, which we may do exactly what we want? Or is there truly a purpose behind all, that we can know and accept, which gives meaning to all of life?

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A Call to Cooperation

Soon a time will come when all the people of goodwill, become aware of immense spiritual power that lays unused in our hands. That we alone, can change the quality of life. Understanding that peace, compassion and freedom is essential, today more than ever before. With commitment, compassion and care let us confirm that our purpose of life, be identified as a Caretaker of Mother Earth. Join us in cooperation, with like-minded people of goodwill. Help us to create a critical mass for establishing a better world for all.

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In collaboration with group of men and women of goodwill, so much can be done. And we are a diligent group that really cares! The main purpose of the Peace Traveling Association is to raising public awareness about Life beyond our tiny planet, as well preventing harmful interventions in nature environment and urban society. As an integral part of modern society, we have larger problems ahead of us, than ever before!

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The Bicycle Traveler Quest

Bicycle Touring is one of the most Earth-friendly way for exploring the world and getting to know yourself. It can not be compared to any other mode of travel. Is’s a real world for everybody at your fingertips! All the time, of the rest of your life is still available to you in abundance, to carry out your most important thing in life – not to dream your life, but to live a dream. And, thus your life will become more defined. Finally you have a goal and that goal is your journey.

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