Peace Traveling Quest

Searching for Alternative

Probably there is no human being in this world, who sometimes does not give consideration on who he really is. Our entire life is lived in constant query, whispering deep inside, seeking to surface, but somehow beyond our ability to hear or grasp. What is life all about? Is it just some cosmic joke, a meaningless excursion of a few years duration in, which we may do exactly what we want…

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Temptation of Mediocrity

Is life meaninglessness? That is an impossible question, and being realistic about this, is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. Only we are responsible for what we do with the life we get. Let us strive for our own fairy tale. Believing that, the only solution to all questionable ideologies is the Self-Aware Experience! Illumination, is our only guarantee, revealing life in all its ambivalent unity…

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The Long Haul to Equilibrium

We are living in a strange world. Life has become so out of balance, that we consider these extreme aberrations as normal. The widespread corruption and the decay of values can be clearly seen. The majority of current politicians are motivated only by a lust for power and all-mighty God of money. The present situation on the Earth is close to destroying a majority of mankind…

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Our Shared Vision

Soon a time will come when all the people of goodwill, become aware of immense spiritual power that lays unused in our hands. That we alone, can change the quality of life. Understanding that peace, compassion and freedom is essential, today more than ever before. With commitment, compassion and care let us confirm that our purpose of life, be identified as a Caretaker of Mother Earth…

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