The Bicycle Traveler Quest

Bicycle Touring as one of the most Earth-friendly ways for exploring the world and getting to know yourself. It can not be compared to any other mode of travel. Since bicycle traveler must be actively present all the time, the real-life continuously happens in front of his eyes. With touring bicycle under his feet, the world is sliding past him in all its diversity…

Bicycle Touring is one of the most Earth-friendly ways to travel

The real world has always been at your fingertips, and many are blessed to go and experience it. The only important recommendation is a thirst for adventure, and the strength of mind to convert the desire into actually set off! Though our tour might not be just easy and fun, it wouldn’t be an adventure if it was. There’ll be plenty of challenging times, particularly to find your own pace. And with persistence, after you have done a successful escape from your comfort zone you will discover, that this world is a wonderful and friendly place.

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