Knowing the World

Las Vegas

Trip from Hoover Dam to a city of pure visual pleasure. Seeing the light and dark side of it – Las Vegas, in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, is a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centered around 24-hour casinos and other entertainment options.

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A Bicycle Built for Two Billion

Jamie Bianchini is coming from USA, and he travels by tandem-bike around the world for 6 years. Greater part of the way he drives a tandem bike and in each country he invite a co-driver or have to find him on the road. I was  a part of Slovenian story in which Peace Pedalling became part of mine. The roads on which we were pedalling together, was a time of sobering transformation for me!

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Mission Tour the World

The hero was returning home after bicycle touring the world for more than five years! During this period, Dejan Glavnik has crossed 90 countries on all five continents. We have been following this brave man everyday, since the very beginning of his bicycle journey.

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Tahiti-Paradise of the South Pacific

This is a small part of the story of another solo bicycle journey around the World. Nikolai left Denmark on April 10th 2006 and was back in Copenhagen 1.413 days & 62.180 km later, FEB2010, after crossing 53 countries on 6 continents. We all have our dreams. This...

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