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The words about dying slowly

Those who do not travel, who do not read, who do not listen to music, who do not find grace in themselves, die slowly. Those who slowly destroy their own self-esteem, who do not allow themselves to be helped, who spend days on end complaining about their bad luck, about the rain that never stops, die slowly.

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Willingness for Change

There is so many new opportunities but so little willingness for a change! The rapidly increasing human population and enormous rise of technologies influence our life. The man has become a real threat to Earth. The gigantic machines are switched on relentlessly day and night…

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Things Not to Worry About

The pursuit of happiness is as old as modern civilization. Books, elixirs, religions, and philosophies are all devoted to it. Happiness is a quest, an obsession, and a universal aspiration. But what does it take to be unhappy?

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There’s plenty of time – but what if there’s not?

A common scenario involves imagining that today was your last day on earth: What would you do if this was it? You have only one day to live. It’s a good question to think about, but not sufficient on its own. If today were your last day, you might tell someone you loved them.

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