In collaboration with group of men and women of goodwill, so much can be done. And we are a diligent community that really cares! The main purpose of PeaceTraveler Association is to raising public awareness about life behind our visible level, as well as preventing harmful interventions in nature environment and urban society. As an integral part of modern society, we all have larger problems ahead of us, than ever before!


  • We are working closely with the Slovenian Association for the Protection of Animals and doing our best to reduce the hunting of rare species of free-living wild animals.
  • Our members are taking part in annual environment actions for collection of dumped trash and waste in nature environment. We where also active in Slovenia reforestation campaigns in 2015.
  • We have draw to public attention many of doubtful interventions which are taking place in urban society and natural environment. Unfortunately, in many areas of urgent changes needed, the measures are already choked in bureaucracy, prior implementation.
  • We are striving to influence this through the campaign Chairman please, simplify our country! With newspaper articles (which are raising public awareness) and participation in public demonstrations against corruption.
  • Without bees, there is no life – is another action, where we are taking part. In recent years, bees have been facing increasing threats. We have a moral obligation to ensure our future generations to have a diverse and nutrient-rich foods available, for which bees and other pollinators play an important role. By raising public awareness in the importance of protecting bees we are actively involved in promotion activities related to the World Bee Day initiative, which is of great importance to us!
  • Through public petitions in cooperation with non-government organisations, we have contributed to the revision of the Constitution in Slovenia to record the constitutional right to clean drinking water for all citizens. Thus, water resources can’t be privatized and belong to all the citizens.


We are often witnesses of irresponsible, environmental interventions by individuals and companies, so there is no time for sleep. Our actions leaves zero waste in nature. We strive to operate non-aggressive and try to be prudent with convictions.

Well-conceived strategies of environmental protection organizations and artist like Jens Galschiøt, are our inspiration and we try to follow their example.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
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OUR ACTIONS REQUIRE YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT! We do not receive any funds from the state. This means, that we try to finance our initiatives alone, but we are largely dependent upon generous donations. Any financial assistance is a valuable contribution and support for  continuation of work of the Peacetraveling Association

THEREFORE, WE CALL ON ALL THE PEOPLE OF GOODWILL TO SUPPORT OUR ENDEAVOUR!  Every single donation counts and we would like to thank you for every contribution no matter how modest it might seem to you. Bear in mind that your donation just might be the one, that moves things forward.

EVERY DONATION IS AWARDED IN FORM OF DIGITAL ART OF YOUR CHOICE! This is a special contribution of our founding member Mr. Rubins!  
So, please, be our supporter and donate to a good cause!  Thank you!

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