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About testing outdoor equipment

Omnia mea mecum porto …

It got me thinking, I am a dude, that spend more time planning the bicycle tour, than actually touring. Reduce the quantity of equipment! If you do not, this equipment becomes too addictive and it will carry you!

Well, first I need a bike. And this I have, for few years already. Really, for Cycle touring you must have a good touring bicycle. What else? The big question everyone has, is – money! How much and where does it come from? My saving techniques has not been good. Too invest in stocks… and lose the mayor part of savings… I could live very moderate with my rent and savings. No need to sell a family house!  And it is good to stay out of debt.

The cognition fact about the touring equipment, shows that we will probably cycling around with too much weight. A journey somewhere in exotic lands! It is quite challenging even daunting for the ordinary person to leave a place where he lived for many years, but there is a life challenge in front of him, which can not be ignored, anymore. The call of unknown is too seductive. But, beware of testing outdoor equipment, endlessly! What preparations really need to be done? Getting ready to go, can go on and on for years.

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