Things Not to Worry About

The pursuit of happiness is as old as modern civilization
The pursuit of happiness is as old as modern civilization. Books, elixirs, religions, and philosophies are all devoted to it. Happiness is a quest, an obsession, and a universal aspiration.

But what does it take to be unhappy?

In some ways, it’s easier than happiness itself. New research and much life experience offers a simple recipe for genuine discontent.

How can I travel if I don’t speak other languages?

It will be fine. You travel the way you would anywhere. You’ll get by.
You’ll figure it out. (Hat tip: Danielle the Firestarter.)
It’s not that hard.

I have so many ideas that I don’t know which to choose.

Well, stop worrying and pick one of them.
You can make the decision by flipping a coin or doing the last thing on the list.
But seriously, just pick something.

What if something goes wrong?

If something goes wrong, it will go wrong. Who cares?
And more important, what if something goes right?
You just as well might succeed as well as you might fail.

There may be some valid things to worry about in your life. But make sure you’re worrying about the right ones–not anything that can’t be easily solved or ignored.

Are you doing that?

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