Bicycle Touring is one of the most Earth-friendly ways to travel

Want to see the World!

Think of all the places you have not yet been. Allow your self a dream.

Stop dreaming your life, live your dreams!

The world sounded as a scary place … until we stepped out into it.

Join us on a Bicycle Journey

If you miss the warmth of life and still have some uncertainty before unexpected or astonishing events.

You are still young enough!

First of all you are a person, many would like to encounter. The world is full of interesting people.

A Bicycle traveler’s Quest

If you miss the warmth of life, Bicycle Journey will award you with profound experience,
offering the best way to open your heart and mind.

Out there is the experience of your lifetime

They say that the world looks like a scary place
… until we step out into it.

Expect to be pleasantly surprised by the way your life unfolds

The real world for everyone is at your fingertips.
In the quietest of the moments, a real-life adventure beckons.

You’ve got friends all over the world, but just haven’t met them yet.

There is a construct of virtual reality among us, the people of modern society. The real world exists only as landing surface of our expectations. With appearance of  modern techno gadgets the virtual world has been filled our mind completely. Our eyes has become blind for the truth and the reality is interpreted only as electrical signals interpreted by your brain. Over the years, a virtual life without smell, taste or touch, has been manifested. It consists of multitude of computer generated images, artificial sounds, games and 3D movies. Consequently,  the real world outside is filtered and transmitted back to us, mainly through digital media. 

JOIN the Bicycle Tour

Pedalling through far-flung lands, immersed in the landscape, listening to the birds, absorbing the local culture from chats with new-found friends. Being in the moment: it’s you, your bike, the road and a never-ending string of fascinating encounters and experiences. These are just some of the many joys of Adventure Cycle-Touring.

While backpackers spend their hours cooped up in old buses, racing from one ‘sight’ to the next, with a bike the whole world is your oyster. Take advantage of the great freedom to explore those places in between that public transport doesn’t reach, to head out on quiet roads through villages where you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time, and to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of a biking-camping lifestyle. Fifteen kilometres an hour is the perfect speed for making satisfying progress across countries and continents, and you’ll always have time to pause for chai when beckoned over by a welcoming villager’s smile.

And the crowning glory is that almost anyone can embark on a cycle tour; the forty-plus contributors to this book are not elite athletes. The only prerequisites are a thirst for adventure, the ability to ride a bike, and the strength of mind to convert your desire for a big trip into actually setting off. As many tourers will tell you, that first act of setting off is the hardest part.

This isn’t to say your tour is all going to be easy or fun; it wouldn’t be an adventure if it was. There’ll be plenty of challenging days, particularly to begin with as you find your rhythm, and later when you can no longer resist the urge to head out onto rougher, more remote roads. But stick with it after making those first few pedal strokes and you’ll find a world of exciting riding awaits.


It consists of a multitude of artificial images and sounds, filtered, and transmitted through digital media. Also for the sake of this, I just want to stroll and scroll around this beautiful world by bicycle. Simply enough? To make a visit  to dream destinations, get to know people, write about it, and above all do exactly what makes me a happy person. I still have days, months and perhaps years in abundance, for riding as long as it is  enjoyable. The beautiful days will end in socializing with local people, eating, blogging and sometimes earning some money. Then at dusk, I will lay to rest, sleep well and with a smile on my face wake up in the new sunlit days, which, hopefully will never end. Having all the time, of the rest of thy life available, to carry out the most important thing in human life – to live thy dream. Our live  will inevitably pass one day, and such as mine, it’s the only one and  unique, as well as yours. Is it to much to expect that this goal will remain a humble signpost to my sons and you … brother? And, thus my life is becoming more defined. Finally, I have a goal and this goal is my way …

In order to posses true knowledge, I am yearning for my own, personal experience. Believing that the only solution to the imaginary ideologies, is the Self-Aware experience, as a true guarantee, that reveals the world in all his ambivalent unity. Though I am aware that I may be redeem, but not cursed, either. I believe (believe!) that I will not perish somewhere in the unaccomplished – as an ordinary man. We thus we go; I go, you go, one sooner, others later,  and at the end everyone else … to the other side.

 Despite all impressions, it is a journey to yourself ! To encounter and identify with the omnipresent pulse of Life. The experience and especially identification with the world through direct experience. It offers us the answer to that inner yearning, looking primarily conclusion of peace with himself.

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Bicycle traveler’s Quest

From my young age I had a strong wish to cycling around the world. When I was ten, I drew a map of tour around the world, which I still posses. Wanted to see if the world is round. Nowadays, I want only life to embrace me!

Peace Traveler’s legends of Bicycle Touring

Searching for Alternative

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Funding living costs, and Art For Peace  almost entirely by selling art. If you approve what we do, please support us! Every single donation counts, no matter how modest it is! If you decide for a Donation, both parts won’t have the uncomfortably feeling of giving and receiving something for nothing. With digital art of renowned artist Leonard Rubins, owner of DIGITALARTWORKS.ORG, and one of the founding members of PEACETRAVELER QUEST Association, you will get an inspirational artworks with myriad of details, imagination and deep symbolic meaning. You will also receive a nice reward - free download option! We offer advertisement for Donors on social media and websites:;;

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Do it your way, or find friends to ride with!

Get out of a comfort zone, rather than living at safe distance, ruled by a routine!

Be grateful for the opportunity and courage to travel and experience the world.

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